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The Value Of Workplace Learning In Work Teams

The value of workplace learning in work teams with Pumahara Consultants

Regularly, I am asked about providing our workshop sessions to individuals from a workplace.  This often seems to be focussed on a problem that has arisen with a particular staff member. This is of course a large aspect of our work where we provide individual support alongside recommendations for various professional development activities. Indeed, much of our Supervision and mentoring work arises from such situations. However interestingly, when we work with that individual what is often revealed is that the challenges do not lie only with that one person but are often about how that person operates within the team. When one takes the perceived problem person out of the space the actual issues are not always resolved. No one actually talks about the whole issue and one person is left to be seen as the cause. 

In our mahi in providing developmental learning and growth workshops we really encourage workplaces to consider bringing the team together for learning in order to talk about the aspects leading to the actual or perceived problems. The value of this collaborative learning within the workshop changes mindsets as each person starts to recognise the role self plays in the function of the team and in ensuring best practice service delivery. What also happens is that all staff move to the same page. When a team comes together to openly share experiences with the ultimate goal of learning together and lifting each other up, everyone benefits, a sense of camaraderie is built, and a positive culture is established. 

We have found that teams that learn together achieve higher results. That common knowledge is the transformational catalyst for change and improvement. 

What is key about our style of professional development includes the following factors for success that we at Pumahara Consultants employ.

  • A common learning philosophy is established – one that values each participant
  • The opportunity to share stories, examine challenges and discuss difficulties in a safe space
  • The nurturing of reflective and creative learning
  • The value of collaboration
  • The role each person plays in supporting development or indeed change after the learning has begun
  • The opportunity for humour and sharing with respect

The bottom line is that when we work with you and your staff, we seek to establish a vibrant learning organisation which enhances workplace culture. One that encourages employee engagement, progressive individual and interpersonal engagement, personal and professional development, and ultimately significant improvements in service delivery. 


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