Understanding & responding to behaviours that challenge: Health and/or Developmental situations

This is a tailored one-day introductory course for anyone working in a health or social service setting that people with intellectual disability might access.

These will be practice based interactive workshops involving several practical tasks where participants explore various issues, apply their learning to case based scenarios to enhance client and staff safety. Staff are encouraged to bring real life situations to the sessions; these are treated with the utmost confidentiality.


  • Identifying challenging behaviour

  • Impact of negative attitudes and misunderstandings

  • Possible causes of behaviours that challenge

  • Functional behaviour assessment using ABC framework

  • Consequences versus punishment

  • Communication strategies to deescalate

Participants will

  • Identify behaviour that challenges versus behaviour that we find annoying

  • Understand the interrelationship of bio-psychosocial factors and behaviours of concern

  • Use a framework(ABC) to assess and effectively respond to behaviours that challenge

  • Learn about collecting relevant data for reporting behaviours that challenge

  • Demonstrate effective verbal de-escalation skills

  • Develop an individual response plan

  • Monitor effectiveness of response plan