Understanding the impact of Mental Illness in People with intellectual disability

There is increasing awareness that people with an intellectual disability (ID) are at greater risk of developing mental illness. They are often not able to clearly articulate their internal experiences and feelings and because of this are often misdiagnosed or seen to be too complex and challenging.

This is a tailored one-day introductory course for anyone working in a health or social service setting that people with intellectual disability might access.

An older man faces and laughs with a young man who has an intellectual disability


  • Understanding Mental health and Illness in the context of intellectual disability

  • Factors that contribute to mental ill health in people with ID

  • Typical and atypical signs of mental illness in people with ID

  • Strategies to support people who present with challenges related to mental illness

Participants will

  • Learn how to recognise when a person with an ID might have a mental illness and support the person to get help.

  • They will also gain awareness of the ways in which they can help to improve the quality of life of people with an ID, so that mental health problems are less likely to occur.