Understanding Diversity: Working Together in a Multi-cultural Environment

Overtime, the world we live in has become much more diverse, with people from all walks of life working together. Some of us may struggle to navigate multicultural workplaces and understand why others think and act in ways different to us. This workshop explores the notions and challenges around workplace cultural diversity. It focuses on working well together as colleagues and staff (for client focused learning see the following link: Enhancing Skills to Ensure Safe and Supportive Client Focused Relationships)

An image showing the many different kinds of coffee in cups representing understanding diversity


  • Norms + Values + Beliefs = Culture

  • Respecting difference – Perceptions, tolerance, respect and understanding

  • Putting learning into practice – Individual action plans

  • This workshop focuses only on our work with each other. For client focused learning see our other workshop

Participants will

  • Increase your understanding and appreciation for cultural difference, Norms + Values + Beliefs = Culture

  • Explore concrete strategies for developing safe collegial workplaces

  • Discuss strategies to work well with colleagues whose ideas and beliefs are vastly diverse to yours

  • Develop and explain an individual action plan to examine and respond to the diverse workplace