Clinical, Professional and Personal Supervision

I orea te tuatara ka patu ki waho

A problem is solved by continuing to find solutions

This whakatauki refers to the need for creative thinking, adaptability and perseverance. Essentially in order to solve a problem all of these are important.

Carved hand holding up a wayward branch showing the challenges in recognising and responding to psychological distress in the workplace.

Our Supervision experience includes change management, organisational/systems professional issues/mentoring/coaching. We currently provide supervision to individuals working in health, social service, disability, addictions, and justice settings.

Our work is underpinned by a focus on individual’s strengths and reflective capacities in order to ensure personal development and growth. We are available to offer individual and/or group supervision.

Supervision provides staff with a confidential, safe, and supportive environment to be able to undertake critical self-reflection. For staff working in services where they are working with complex situations Supervision is invaluable to both meet the needs of staff and to improve service delivery. 

The supervisee will improve their self-awareness and understand their responsibilities for their own practice-based frameworks.

Face to face, telephone and online platform Supervision is available. Contracts are essential of parties agree to work together. We have our own contracts or are happy to discuss and agree to a workplace contract where necessary.

If you would like more information or wish to discuss the possibility of accessing Supervision, please don’t hesitate to contact us.