Boundaries and Ethics for health and community work

Those who work in the health sector are drawn to this work for a myriad of reasons. Due to the complex nature of the work, staff may be hired from a wide range of backgrounds which can include a combination of training or experience. Coming from such diverse backgrounds means that when staff start working in the system they often have no common language or understanding of professional boundaries and ethics.

An image of a person standing in a circle divided by a line, representing boundaries and ethics


  • What are the concepts that all workers working in the health and social service sectors should understand in regard to ethics and boundaries?

  • What is an ethical dilemma and what strategies and protocols can be applied in reaching some safe conclusions?

  • How can health care workers keep their work with each person unique whilst maintaining distinct boundaries?

Participants will

  • Recognise ethical dilemmas and make decisions that protect people’s rights whilst minimising risks

  • Examine and maintain safe and effective boundaries in the service user-health care worker relationship